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Moncol Pool is a manufacturer and distributor of the equipments for swimming pool and water treatment, specializing in natural swimming pool system and low chlorine swimming pool equipments for private and commercial pool.

Moncol developed a Natural Swimming Pool Technology, without any chlorine or chemical, which applying 3 methods of processes, such as mechanical filtration, biological process, and water plant filtration. Moncol produces a range of equipments to help lower the use of chlorine and chemical in swimming pool through water disinfection and purification, such as baysmart disinfection, bayern ozone, bayern UV disinfection, bayern ionizer. Additionally, Moncol also produces sand filter for swimming pool.

Our company also produces equipments and provides water treatment services for fish/koi pond, aquaculture, and residential well water. Our company carries other brands of pool equipments such as the Astral Pool Equipment (www.astralpool.com.au) and Helo, Genuine Sauna and Steam from Finland (www.helosauna.com).

Furthermore, Moncol is the authorized distributor of Hunter Irrigation Sprinklers (www.hunterindustries.com) in Indonesia for palm oil nursery and residential irrigation. We offer a consultation and construction service for irrigation project.

Moncol Pool was established in 1992 as PT. Moncol Golfusa. We have offices in Jakarta and Bali, and with project experiences in hotel, resort, villas, apartments, and aquaculture ponds across different provinces in Indonesia.

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